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Ballet provides the building blocks and form required to be successful in all forms of dance as well as several sports. In our ballet classes, students will learn the proper ballet technique as well as the grace, balance, and strength to perform ballet choreography.



Originating in the early 1970's, with its roots deep in Afro-American dance, hip hop dance is the direct result of the combination of the "b-boy" movement from New York and the "West Coast Funk" movement from Los Angeles. This is a fun, energetic class for all!



Jazz dance has been a constantly evolving form of popular and artistic dance movement. Our jazz classes are fun and energetic, with an emphasis on individuality and improvisation. Students will learn the elements of strength, rhythm, contraction and expansion.


Creative Dance

Creative Dance is a 30 minute class that meets once per week and is designed for the pre-school child age 3-4. This class aims for a moving and rhythmical knowledge of body parts, letter, numbers, shapes, locomotor movements and directional movements. Each dance-song taught has a specific movement and/or rhythmical purpose. As the year progresses, the movements learned in the dance-songs will be combined together and used in a personality song. They will rehearse entrances and exits along with their song for a concert performance. As they are learning to dance, there is an underlying emphasis on strengthening and limbering their bodies to build a dancer body. In this class, there is never a wrong movement. Their own movement is a necessary and purposeful part of their dance learning.




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